StevieW Feb 12, 18 9:53 AM

Just say whatever is necessary to pass the application. The system tells when you don't qualify and then just change your answer to make it work. All that application is doing is trying to make sure you arent a professional trader that trades other peoples money for a living and you are trying to pay non-professional fees and rates and slide by all of the rest of the stuff that the professional traders have to go through. It isn't meant to weed out novice traders.

Tone Feb 12, 18 2:25 PM

Thanks all for sharing your experiences. I'm a little bit OCD so was probably over thinking things too much.

Tone Jul 23, 18 9:58 PM

Postscript: Looks like my concerns were 100% accurate. IB have only given me a 'Trading' (cash) account I can't short and I can't change the account type in the configuration. There was NOTHING in the application where I could choose this. Waiting to hear if they will change the account type for me. Seem like they randomly fuck people over.

Tone Jul 24, 18 10:27 PM

Post Postscript: So IB customer support tell me I CAN short. .......'We can see that you have a trading account with IB-AU entity. In trading account, shorting is allowed. You can place an order to short on any of our trading platforms' confusing

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