Kody Mar 16, 18 12:53 AM

IB is very strict about this. If you use all available day trades you are pretty much restricted from taking any sort of position even if your intentions are to overnight/swing. I ran into the same issue and the solution is open as cash account with IB as there is no PDT you just have to manage your buying power

Nodrog Mar 16, 18 10:34 AM

@BASSxMASTER thanks for the reply. I try to do more overnight trades until I'm out of PDT.

Nodrog Mar 16, 18 10:36 AM

@Kody Thanks. Cash account is not an option for me. I want to be able to short-sell and to use more buying power to wnter higher priced stocks. I will study up on overnight holds and short-term swings.

Archive Mar 19, 18 11:33 PM

You can also open up a sub account and transfer some of your funds over to that. So you have two trading accounts, allows you to get around the PDT but buying power limited but the amount you split up.

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