@kroyrunner What's a good indicator to you that a setup isn't working right now? As someone who's not consistent, it's hard to differentiate between whether or not it's a setup that's not working or just my skill (or lack thereof).

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ChanceStearns Jun 25, 19 11:20 AM

For example, I remember you traded the DCAR breakout a few months back, but then I stopped noticing them working. But that's the only one that I've seen in awhile. How do you know which one is going to be "the one" that works? (That stock didn't even have news that day, it was just hype about UBER and LYFT going public)

kroyrunner Jul 01, 19 1:45 PM

@ChanceStearns most important thing is having VERY clearly defined rules for your setup, when you should buy, when you should sell, etc. If you are constantly executing your plan perfectly but losing, it's a setup problem. If you aren't follwing your plans, it's a "you" problem

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$1,864 profit RKDA Long Stock

Entry comments: Giving live webinar, dip buying this former Supernova spiking big, goal is to make 50-75 cents/share on the bounce

Exit comments: Decent little bounce, buying into sheer panic on a Supernova that can still re-spike, nearly $2k profit

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Soozep Jun 27, 18 1:45 PM

Any profit is better than a loss! You go!!!

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-$140 loss CRON Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former weed runner on little morning spike could be multi-month breakout if it keeps running into the 8s, that's my goal 25-50 cents/share of upside

Exit comments: It hit the key 8.10 breakout level, but couldn't hold it, now fading so I cut losses quickly, always worth a shot on Friday mornings, but small loss, GEVO was the morning spiker today but it moved too fast for me to chase

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$250 profit EGY Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this perfect breakout chart play from my watchlist, not the most volatile stock so it's only a 5% drop, but ti should be able to make up most or all of it by day's end today so that's my goal, classic panic pattern, just a non-volatile version, but still a perfect multi-week breakout play

Exit comments: Zzzzzz weak bounce, got up to 2.88, but I got a bit greedy and tried giving it more time which reduced my profits considerably...just not volatile enough of a stock and the overall market is just crap

battleground Jun 15, 18 10:19 AM

Yea seems to want to stay right around 2.80 not really going up or down lol 2 all both sides right in that zone

Soozep Jun 15, 18 10:21 AM

for a newbie it would have been good to see a shot of the charts

Poke_The_Bear Jun 15, 18 10:32 AM

Bid size is still strong. I'll hold for a bit

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@Mattmatt1002 just became a fully transparent trader today!

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:44 PM

Hi Matt. One of the rules of trading Tim uses is to find stocks that have moved 10% the previous day. This ensures you get some price action worth your while. I noticed the HOD and LOD on JAGX was

Dragonrider Jul 11, 18 4:45 PM

Sorry. The HOD and LOD was .05 cents so not much movement. Congrats on being a transparent trader and best of luck.

crenny Jul 19, 18 3:46 PM

I started Webull 6/21 with $100 just to try it out. I also like it and may move from Robinhood but for now still have both.

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