$105 profit WDLF Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial position on this dip buy, wish I had more size, goal is to sell in the .008s or .009s

Exit comments: Small gain, weak bounce, wish I had more size, but it was so damn fast

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OGBreakouts Aug 20, 21 9:47 AM

Good morning Tim, been reducing anxiety/FOMO and focusing on 1 or 2 trades and as a result have had 4 green days. Although only had gains of 9.70, 5.50, 14.70 and 3.57, I'm feeling good about my process. Thanks for all the info on Profit.ly, Trader's Checklist, PSFW, YouTube and emails. I binge them all and study 8-18 hours per day.

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RPhTrader Aug 05, 21 2:50 PM

Kyle. I was there in 2019. Still learning! You gave me great advice on the Swizzle and specific advice on what computer to buy. Thanks for all you do! aka Matt_Schrobro

billhamlet Aug 11, 21 3:58 PM

@kylecw2 this was an awesome video. Kyle, this encourages me so much. Thank you for giving us a peak into your journey! 👍🏾😉

OGBreakouts Sep 05, 21 9:28 AM

Much respect Kyle!! Loved how you explained your setups and trading journey. Thank you.

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CONGRATZ Mariana, glad to see you are keeping up the guys and also to see another woman in the game. You inspire me....keep up the good work!!

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