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Entry comments: No clear support until like 2.5 or 2.6 and that was made today. There was clear resistance at 3.6 though, multiyear. So this was a no - brainer short. Hopefully this breaks under 3 today. If so big porfits for me

Exit comments: Beautiful. Beautiful cover. Beautiful short. I'm probably going to just be doing overnight shorts because of my class schedule and everything. Which I'm fine with.

Posted: Jan 17, 3:55 PM/ 7

Entry comments: I detailed in my watchlist why this was a potential buy for me. Saw this in the 17.22's but I was cautious to buy it at that point because it was making lower highs. It's now broken the trend. I have a tight risk of 17.2 but..this could, not might, touch 17, and I'd be fine with it doing that but not going a cent under. It's on the uptrend and I'm up like what 5 cents now lol, I'm excited to see what this does come tomorrow .

Exit comments: I'll take this loss as it didn't hold the 17 level I talked about, Saw the hard dropping saw the bounce but price action was downward and was not about to get stuck in anything which was a good choice as it's in the 16.8's. Knew it was a risky position to begin with so being decisive was not a problem for me.

Posted: Jan 17, 4:02 PM

Very Nice overnight short as I was iffy with this short to begin with until it dropped after hours. Wish I had saw it earlier for a higher position but I'm not complaining. Got the exact reward (2.4) I was looking for

Posted: Jan 13, 11:02 AM/ 5

Had the right idea but longs pushed this up for one more spike and I had to get out ahhhh. Should've kept watching it as it's in the 5.7's right now and is probably going to drop more tomorrow aah FUCK lmfaoo. Should've continued to watch this would've had a better position in the 7's. Now I'm sitting here in an iffy position in another stock because I was looking to make profits and not trade solidly. That's the lesson in this.

Posted: Jan 12, 4:22 PM

Entry comments: Shorted this 3 mf times so I have a big ass position on this stock looking to hold overnight if it shows me the right price action. This thing is super-super overextended and is now on the downward side of the momentum. I think I have a great position and would love for this to break under 16 today. Still will be cautious though as this still is a supernova and low float at that

Exit comments: Did not mean to have tihs position in the lsightest. I should've never shorted this in the first place but I left a few orders in and...not an excuse though. Regardless, today I let his run down a little bit as I held it through so much spiking. Lol I got out right before this big drop just now though and I would feel sick..but that;s what I get for shorting this in the first place when I did lmfao. It's in the 14s right now though lol I'd be up like 100k right now if I hadn't gotten out

Posted: Jan 09, 12:25 PM/ 3

Bought and ten rebought this trying to catch another spike thinking it would be able to touch 20.00 but this stock is super overextended. I would never chase a chart like I did just now but lol look at this. Cut my losses as quick as possible.

Posted: Jan 09, 12:22 PM

Dropped right under 6 and I thought it was going to drop but it then proceeded to squeezze up into the 17s smh. I need to learn how to not get scared out so easily of positions. I should wait for actual negative price action when I'm already up on a buy. That's a good lesson right there

Posted: Jan 09, 12:15 PM

Thought it was..a bit overextended lol

Posted: Jan 09, 11:57 AM
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