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Entry comments: Good short I'm up like 10%, holding o/n to see for a break under 3.2 come monday

Exit comments: Nice Short and Hold. Not really much else to trade today as I missed OWCP so I'm just chillin with these profits for today probably

Posted: Feb 17, 5:27 PM/ 1

I REALLLY didn't need to cover this short. I knew it, but I like guessing bottoms and I covered knowing full and well I could've held this over the weekend. FUUUUUCK I don't know why I did that lmfaoo. I knew if I had real money I wouldn't have covered though lol.

Posted: Feb 17, 5:26 PM/ 1

Took that lost to the chin sheesh. Should've read price action better. If any newby was under the impression that not everybody takes considerable losses, this is proof that you should get rid of that way of thinking

Posted: Feb 17, 5:14 PM

again, I wasn't taking the necessary procedures and looking at all of the factors so I could be able to determine the P/A. Sloppy analysis makes for sloppy trading

Posted: Feb 17, 5:07 PM

Tried to dip buy this incase of a break of 4.6. This was maybe valid the first or twice dip buy but after that I just wasn't reading price action and was getting feelings involved into it. Was the reason for my losses today.

Posted: Feb 17, 5:19 PM

After leaving my short I saw the dip buying potential in this. Literally was about to take a test so I left my pos, and it dropped lol. Solid trade right here

Posted: Feb 16, 12:19 PM/ 2

Entry comments: Lol got executed twice right in the midst of the wonky pirce action. Had an order in at 3.25 I just left open and had just set another one at 3.23 and then it spiked up the way it did when it was trying to break down 3.2. I wasn't about to get executed but lol luck is real. Now I'm in with a nice posistion and I'm probably holding this as this is done. I wouldn't be surprised if this goes red on the day. If this shows me the right p/a I'm holding o/n.

Exit comments: New Risk became 3.15 as it was showing me price action I didn't like for a short. I Didn't get to cover at 3.15 because I wasn't paying attention but I covered as soon as I saw it broke. Being decisive, Not getting squeeze out past 3.2. Had a bigger position tan usual which is the only reason I got some profit out of this lol

Posted: Feb 16, 10:15 AM

Thought it wasn't going to break down under 2.4, wasn't about to be squeezed on lol.

Posted: Feb 14, 5:03 PM/ 3

Good sell, was literally a split second away from dropping on me

Posted: Feb 14, 5:01 PM
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