200k in 6 Months, started this account with 10,000 Thinking it'll be hard to make 25k and hit 100k about a month ago. It's all paper trades, but I'm becoming more and more prepared for the real deal. This profit.ly page and my trades most of all is to show everyone the IMPORTANCE of PRACTICE. Everybody wants to just jump into trading, including me, and everybody ends up losing a good sum of money, including me. I've since gotten past that and have learned just as much if not more than I would with a regular trading account. New traders always ask me what's the best advice I could give them, and I always say it's to start a paper trading account. You have the freedom to try new patterns and strategies without being scared of losing money. Like Timothy Sykes Says, Trading is a marathon NOT a race. I learned that the hard way and I hope everyone else learns from my mistakes and sees my success with this paper trading account and takes that lesson with them.

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1OONPAPERTRADES Dec 31, 16 3:19 PM

@thoe99 A little bit after my first 100k on this account I sized in about 60% of my account. I have since stopped doing that lmao and put maybe like 40 % now.

1OONPAPERTRADES Dec 31, 16 3:21 PM

@TheHorselessHeadsman I appreciate it man, occasionally I get someone who hates on me and takes the time out of their day to madoff every single one of my trades ever lmao!. almost 300 trades this dude goes through and down thumbs. It's weird but it's fine. I've never once said it was real money and I post my big losses as well as my wins. I hope 2017 treats you the best as well!

1thoe99 Dec 31, 16 5:04 PM

@OONPAPERTRADES I think you mentioned you're doing real money soon, right? I'm very excited to see your success carry though then too. I'm still very new to this and have been absorbing as much knowledge with all my free time. It's so good to see a forum with such transparency and successful people like yourself, on paper or not.


I am whenever I get enough money too yes, until then I'm just going to get the practice in and I'm in no rush. I learn something new almost everyday still. But yeah I agree this platform is great I don't know what kind of trader I'd be without it or if I even would be trading lol. Happy new year good luck to you in 2017 !

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