@OZARKTRADES I would love to do some live trading since I live in Columbia, let me know!!

MaxHeter Aug 25, 14 10:21 AM

I am in KC, and noticed the consortium of others in the area too, like ozark trades. It would be cool for us to meet up. Ozark Trades looks to clearly have the best track record

makemeasammich Dec 04, 14 10:37 PM

Wow. A lot of people around this area on here. I live just west of Jefferson City.

deedrik11 Jun 15, 16 9:22 PM

Hey, yeah I took a break from trading, but now I am back into it.

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fxknkw98kk Feb 22, 14 7:39 PM

Does pennystocking silver helping you in your trading? On a side note, I am from the ozarks as well!

mascarita Feb 23, 14 1:19 PM

ozkar do you make courses? or tranining i am interested

nicoalvi Feb 27, 14 2:10 PM

Where can I send you an email/Private message? I have a quick question for you.

AdamBooth Jun 10, 14 4:00 AM

@OZARKTRADES Hello! same question as nicoalvi..where can i send you a PM or email?

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