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SundownDevil Sep 11, 17 1:26 PM

Sorry to hear about your friend; great to read you're motivated and inspired. Who's your brokerage? I have two accounts and one is Robinhood (Gold). If you build up your account size a little more, you'd have access to extended trading hours (30 minutes before open and two hours after close). Just a thought on how to improve on those biotech announcements/late earnings winners. Keep moving forward... and BURN THE SHIPS. No turning back now.

punkangel Sep 11, 17 7:37 PM

Thanks! I'm currently at etrade and I do have access to after-hours, they just charge another buck or two in fees. Right now i need to figure out how to configure thinkorswim to show me after-hours trading scans rather than relying just on the nasdaq site, which is pretty basic, lol.

PS23 Sep 11, 17 8:37 PM

Great post, thanks for sharing! Keep grinding🍻

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