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wannabestocktrader Jul 30, 17 11:47 PM

Great video, thanks for sharing! I totally agree with your thoughts near the end of picking a stock, focusing on it, and solely trading it. I did that with $ASNA, had success, but stopped because I didn't quite understand what I was really doing at the time. Looking back now, and having learned more since, I think it's a viable strategy if you find the right one for yourself, don't get too greedy, and are quick to cut losses to not erase gains.

Lincoln_Hawk Jul 31, 17 11:55 PM

Good call on HTZ. I've been watching your thinkorswim videos, and started testing the "ABCD" scan with some good results. - Thanks for the great info.

Palmer Aug 01, 17 7:18 AM

@wannabestocktrader It can be hard to stay focused on just one or two stocks all the time. When other things are moving and ours are dead in the water...very easy to get pulled away. But, if you can have a few that put in food daily ranges it can pay to keep them on the list.

Palmer Aug 01, 17 7:20 AM

@Lincoln_Hawk glad the vids are helping...shoot me ideas and if I have time can see what I can do for others. I missed the $HTZ short, what a move! Didn't get to my trade desk until after the open and was out of rhythm for a while.

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