Palmer Dec 04, 17 4:47 PM

They will more than likely do an offering but if you got in at 3.12 you need to scale out as it moves up to bank something along the way.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 5:42 PM

i think it's at $3 now after an S-3 filing hit in after hours. my recommendation is anytime you have almost a 33% profit then take 50% to 75% of your shares off and bank the profit.

Noble1222 Dec 04, 17 5:43 PM

let the other remaining percentage run - if it cracks down, it has to really crash hard to wipe out your profit. if it runs up another 100% you still have a killer gain. i see giys in investors undgd doing this, roland does it.

asfricksrs Dec 04, 17 6:26 PM

take profits along the way - bank meat of move - never know the news before announced - bank it!

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