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papajohn Feb 19, 18 7:01 PM

@JKelly lol. Yeah I considered CP but I think I will wait until I am shorting more before I try them out. It looks like they have a lot of fees for just about everything and since I mainly go long, IB should offer me everything I need.

Sheffey Feb 20, 18 10:36 PM

Congrats - very inspiring to see your success!

richesndreams Aug 11, 18 4:10 PM

going through your posts to absorb wisdom and golden nuggets. Thank you for sharing!

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CrowofShortClan Jan 07, 18 9:37 PM

@papajohn i used you as an example to my parents as to how trading is risky but your turned around almost a full year of profits in around a months time. Nice work and good trading!

ppx Jan 11, 18 3:18 PM

Congrats, amazing turnaround :)

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ParadiseTrader Dec 30, 17 7:08 PM

Also you need to check out papajohn his latest post is amazing on how he turned it around.

Torkers Dec 30, 17 9:01 PM

Good work and nice inspirtation - keep it up =D

athedancer87 Jan 04, 18 8:55 PM

Very Encouraging. Keep up the great work. I am new to this and your blog was the first I read. Happy New Year!!!

penny_WISE Jan 04, 18 9:50 PM

@athedancer87 thanks! we are certainly still learning and will have our share of ups and downs, but this is a great community to learn in. happy new year to you and best of luck with your trading!

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huperauxano Dec 24, 17 10:58 PM

Awesome job - what was your one pattern that clicked? Dip buy? Bounce short? Thx

papajohn Dec 25, 17 8:35 AM

The setup I’m playing is multi day breakouts.

joshkhanimov Dec 26, 17 8:32 PM

can you tell me how you scan for these multi day breakouts can't seem to find any

papajohn Dec 27, 17 9:02 PM

I just scan for biggest percent gainers. Then look at the daily chart and see if anything is setting up.

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ParadiseTrader Nov 12, 17 1:56 PM

I was crushed this week to. i lost over half my account

penny_WISE Nov 12, 17 1:58 PM

@KingStaz oh no! i am so sorry. that stinks. losing money is not a good feeling. do you have a strategy for this week?

ParadiseTrader Nov 12, 17 2:07 PM

If you want to chat on FB messanger. Add me Ben Duke. Maybe we can help each other learn and get better.

ParadiseTrader Nov 12, 17 2:50 PM

@penny_WISE I only have enough money left in my account for one trade at a time. So lots of research, luck, and timing.

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ixbeavisxi Nov 11, 17 9:26 AM

Finished reading your post. Good sh*t. Looks like your mentality is on the right path. I'll be in the trenches soon enough. Just tryin to finish HTMM before I start.

Radoslaw Nov 11, 17 9:29 AM

@ixbeavisxi HTMM is a solid start. I try to watch as much as possible everyday. Learning never ends and my advice as a newbie is when you start trading review every single trade :)

ParadiseTrader Nov 11, 17 10:27 AM

Great job being through. Keep it up. This is excellent. I am going to start adding the chart to my trade journal.

Torkers Nov 12, 17 3:57 PM

very nice - i will start doing this myself - great tip!

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