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Phipps_308bandit Jan 22, 17 2:13 PM

I can definitly say this job has taught me a few things, alot about perserverence and its given me a superhuman immune system as well as the ability to stomach smells that no man should. But on a serious note i appreciate the positive energy, and i look forward to seeing where this goes.

JeremiahApple Jan 22, 17 2:59 PM

"Make every day a day for learning and investing in yourself. If you want radical results I believe you must put in a radical amounts of effort." Well said. Two weeks ago I quit my nursing program and now taking twice as much time to study for this. Passion resonates through words and actions. Keep up the good work!

Phipps_308bandit Jan 22, 17 6:21 PM

congratulations jeremiahapple keep kicking ass im also going to start a youtube channel about my trading, book reviews, my philospies on life and what not. im looking to make big moves this year and im looking for people that are in for this movement.

Pipster61 Feb 02, 17 6:37 PM

awesome bandit, taking that leap of faiith

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