Pie Dec 30, 15 8:55 PM

As far as I know you have to suscribe to level 2, right click on the ticker. The same for pink sheets, add the ticker to your list and then suscribe.

osirustwits Dec 30, 15 9:11 PM

Are you sure they don't have it as an add on feature?

TraderH Dec 30, 15 9:29 PM

You can combine platforms like Mr Sykes does in his video lessons or you could subscribe to a quote service. For example, you can combine IB with ETrade Level 2, StocksToTrade or SpeedTraderPro. You could also subscribe to Level 2 through IQFeed or other quote vendors. One platform makes up for the deficiencies of the other. IB does have Level 2 but it is basic. IB's Pink and OTC is poor.

TraderH Dec 30, 15 9:55 PM

Jitneytrade is also a direct access broker specific to Canadians.

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epetroka Nov 19, 15 9:04 PM

@armin That's very strange! I usually call their New York number and speak with a representative directly. Of the one or two minor problems I've had they have been both resolved within one to two days.

Tunde1306 Nov 20, 15 12:18 AM

Armin, I too am a very small account trader and I anticipated ST when I began. I did a lot of research before I chose my broker. I picked something with great reviews, ratings, cheap commissions, and a pretty nice platform that's simple and easy to use. Overall ST is trash from what I've done my extensive research on and I ended up with OptionsHouse as my broker. I love it here. Only problem is they don't always have the best shorts available. Other than that, pretty solid and just under 5 bucks

Tunde1306 Nov 20, 15 12:21 AM

comm fees. Also profitly doesn't allow you to import trades with OH as a broker. Manually can be a pain.

Pied77 Nov 20, 15 10:50 AM

Pay money goes only 1 x per week? I heard of errors / problems of a technical nature, Does that apply to the Sure Trader PRO (Trader) ??? Many other vendors also use the TRADER, why has Sure Trader technical problems? Here on Profit.ly are many traders who use the Sure Trader. I read there rarely problems. Could it be that many inexperienced / new traders themselves problems cause? Because they have not well informed? Example: An inexperienced trader is a position Market and thinks but he had

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