@PolisB dude you made it onto HTMM,.. question for you: trading challenge, should I do it?

PolisB Mar 05, 15 11:44 PM

YES! The Trading Challenge has transformed me into a confident trader...all I have to do is follow what Tim teaches. I really benefit from the "Live" webinars, the Challenge students see Tim place the trade real time and then watch as he types out his alert and sends it to his silver being part of the Live webinar, you see the alert a good 2 to 3 minutes before others do.. Its worth every penny! I made my tuition back in my first month...

knightworkstrader Apr 05, 15 5:18 AM

Only just seen this. Thanks for the feedback, i can't afford it right now (if i had credit card funds i'd just commit to that) but hopefully can sign up in the next couple of months.

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