I LOVE this message, nice way to end the week: 3:58PMLitchi → timothysykes [private]:I started my day trade with 4,000$ on February 2015. I was down to 1,000$ very quick. On April 2015 I registered to TIM ALERTS. I am learning everything you can teach me on stock trading. For me you are the best teacher. After 5 month my account balance passed the 5,000$. Today I passed the 6,000 $. Thank you Tim.

RICKYT Nov 06, 15 3:15 PM

Still in T.SYKES TRAINING..... Yesterday i bought 150 shares of IFON @1.814 and sold @ 1.94 before 8pm. I only profited the know how and I could only imagine how it'll be when my knowledge really grows. TIMOTHY SYKES tradegy works for real WORLD!

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