Power Hour Stocks: What Is It and How Do I Take Advantage of It? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z32njo_LiqQ

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jaco83 May 06, 12:24 PM

Thank you for that video, Good information!

SkiTrade May 06, 3:34 PM

Yes, please leave more videos on basic topics.

phred Jun 11, 4:08 PM

actualy, one of the most useful - helps me direct my focus - which was somewht absent.I've been in the challenge forabout six weeks, still struggling. I always seem to be late getting to theparty. Etrade is very cumbersometo trade with. I've ost money just trying to get abid in - much less get a fill at a good price. Oh well, I'll keep at it - it is startingto make sense - this videeo helps a lot.

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