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TigerofScalping Dec 21, 18 10:39 AM

its compeltely differenz now than in sept otcober ...swing trading sucks..only scalping or shorting bounces is working

GroundUp Jan 03, 11:10 AM

this dudes going down in flames quick

Aviatrix007 Jan 13, 7:28 PM

I'd be interested in getting more detailed information. Awesome information you shared! Thanks Mason!

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MK1996 Dec 07, 17 10:38 AM

Update on the brokerage. lol. Got with ETrade, I can't get used to their ETRADEPRO platform after using STT for a couple weeks. It seems really confusing. But thank you guys for the help. Just put 5k in ETRADE

RMcInarnay Sep 28, 18 10:45 AM

If you keep 100% equity on your short then you don't get charged interest. ie. you have $2k in your account and you short $2k of a stock then there is no interest. Also, E*Trade does not charge interest for intraday shorting, at least that's what they just told me.

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