$187 profit TBLT Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former runner spiking on big volume on news of strong Amazon sales, it tends to spike fast and fail fast too so I'm buying premarket for probable 10-20% pop right near the open, but not so sure how high it can go, cut losses quickly if wrong as this is a scary stock, solid base at 1.15-1.20 so that's my risk level and I'll keep it on a short leash

Exit comments: Whew, got a little spike but nothing big, too scary for me, I'll take my single and go, be careful as this stock moves SO damn fast

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FloridaBoy May 09, 19 9:30 AM

Tim thanks for the post. Could you please always list what you believe the support level is on the play? This will help in me learning to better detect support in my own plays. Thank you!

MCathcart May 09, 19 12:59 PM

Bought this at 1.20. Sold at 1.27. Too scary for me. Lol

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