($320) loss BLNK Short Stock

Entry comments: I shorted this chat pump as I warned in chat, goal is to make 10-15%, keep position small, they can re-pump it

Exit comments: Not much dipping, volume is keeping up so I'll cut losses quick, ptoential reshort into bigger spike as the news was out this morning and it didn't budge, now several chats joined together to pump it

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abeyah456 May 07, 18 1:47 PM

Tim how could a guru like you risk getting steam rolled by a stock like BLNK, Im sure u saw the action last week with IMTE. C'mon man >:-|

Rollingball May 07, 18 10:45 PM

@abeyah456 welcome to the human aspect of trading! We all make mistakes. I’m glad we can learn from someone like Timothy Sykes that admits he makes mistakes too.

schanz May 11, 18 7:06 PM

Thank you, Tim, for buying this short @ 2.47 as it was an amazing learning curve for me as a rookie trader, you have no idea how this opened my eyes. Too much for a comments box so I’ll save it for my success interview we have someday.

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