@timothysykes I haven't said thank you in awhile, so thank you for all you do daily to keep us all on our toes and appraised of what's going on!

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TimeFliesBuy Jul 17, 18 5:38 PM

Mentor? Naw, I'm more of a guide really

TimeFliesBuy Jul 17, 18 5:47 PM

But again thanks, @hacktheticker and now that I'm working days I have no time to really trade so my profit chart is going nowhere. I'll have to save up my vacation time to trade lol, I leave before premarket starts and get back during after-hours.

Van Dec 08, 18 3:14 AM

Make stocks great again!

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Noble1222 Feb 21, 18 5:13 PM

just wondering why you exited after a .02 cent drop? is it because you had to be away from your computer. i was in this at a higher price and it kept trending up. perhaps you could have let it run if you had time/schedule.

SAndrews Feb 21, 18 7:10 PM

@Noble1222 it was a schedule thing and I gave him some time had a few goes getting through. 25 with no luck so it looked sideways and I un fortunately couldn't watch it too long.

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