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DM4BigD May 02, 18 8:43 PM

I find using linear regression channels 50 and 100 as well as aroon indicator 20 and RSI 14 very helpful. Investigate these. I will do a video in the future but my work schedule is crazy and I have a ton a travel coming up. I have not proven myself so I don't feel like the best person to give advise yet hence why I don't publish videos

DM4BigD May 02, 18 8:44 PM

Keep up the great work and CHEERS to successful trading

SKYisDLimit May 02, 18 9:24 PM

Good Video, Hard to know what your style is when you dont understanding the Guru's vision, they have been doing this for so many years, and being new your video has sent me home to the begining, you have to do what right and pay yourself 1st. Example: I was in a tsla trade, 295 may 18 calls i had scaled in so the cost was 16.25 and i had 40 contacts, the stock wasnt doing crap!!! in fact it hit 70% down and I had to start exiting the trade, I took a -1750 loss early morning yesterday, when i sol

mitchr24 Jun 27, 18 10:45 PM

Cool video man thanks!!

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