Received 40 Karmas
Chaddo Feb 02, 16 11:00 AM

Thanks very much for your reply Samuraitrader, much appreciated! Please forgive my ignorance, however I still seem to be slightly confused. I've gone back through Tim's alerts/watchlist for the 17th, and he alerted to go short? Do you remember what made you go long?

Nathan_casey Feb 02, 16 11:09 AM

@Chaddo Everyone was short with this one because it was a crap company that was destined to go down but the unexpected happened and it squeezed 100s of %

Samuraitrader Feb 02, 16 4:49 PM

@Chaddo The stock was being shorting for many days/weeks and also that the stock price was not bad. So I bought it and hope that it will going up some % the next day. The next day I sold it all and after that I never touch the KBIO again.

Jules Feb 02, 16 11:50 PM

I remember that stock. I also went long from the beginning of the day the pattern appeared to me to have more of s chance to go long. Unfortunately I was wrong and it plummeted so fast I couldn't get out unless I excepted a large loss. I decided to wait and at the end of the day it started to rise quickly. I got out with a small profit not realizing the spike of 600% was to start 3 minutes later. I had already shut down my computer.

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