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cwood Mar 12, 16 8:50 AM

@Palmer TOS and FinViz are both great tools. I agree that the struggle of reliable penny stock data is definitely real tho. You're right, there's still an abundance of opportunity in this niche. It's crazy how few ppl trade this strategy. More $$$ for us :)

sdparkhurst Aug 19, 16 6:43 PM

Great training video! I just opened my TOS account and didn't realize how powerful the scanning tools are. Now I'm trying to figure out the best way to scan pre- and post- market prices...any suggestions? tx

Palmer Aug 21, 16 7:11 PM

be sure to add the Shares and Market Cap to your scan results headers too

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@kroyrunner Question did you learn this trading skills using Tim's How to make Millions? What broker do you use and how did you learn to use it? Thanks

Santopa Feb 07, 16 10:56 AM

I though that you learned most of your trading skills from tim sykes. is that correct?

kroyrunner Feb 07, 16 1:44 PM

@Santopa i got my start in pennystocking silver and with pennystocking part deux, however most of my strategies i employ now are more my own than anything

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@49thStateTrader Does this dvds teaches how to use etrade or tdameritrade software? setting limits and standards? Thanks again

49thStateTrader Feb 09, 16 2:02 PM

I would suggest downloading the platforms and playing with it. Plenty of YouTube videos on the platforms, that's not really covered in HTMM!

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