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Santopa Feb 29, 16 6:35 PM

Thanks for all your time and info...

Jules Feb 29, 16 10:16 PM

Hey Palmer I like the way you posted your charts for your watch list picks. It's a great way to hold yourself accountable on your choices and learn from them. I also choose my list indispensably but now will do as you do to keep the charts and learn from what panned out. Nice idea !!!

Palmer Mar 01, 16 6:26 AM

Makes them easier to find also. Watchlists are kind of iffy because you can put all the wrok into finding what you think might move and something else always happens pre-market or overnight that is getting all the attention and your watchlist takes a back seat. That's okay with me. I'm mainly concerned to see how those (these) tickers do for the next few days. Not all of them will pan out but if you can watch them and make bank from a few of them that's fine with me. Glad you like the 'idea'.. ;

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