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combatbob Feb 20, 1:49 PM

Good observations, checking myself

Yultrader Feb 20, 11:47 PM

Watch GRPN similarities on the yearly chart back in July 2016. That can run couple days.

Yultrader Feb 24, 12:00 AM

Look like pattern is broken...

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1Scott_PaperTrader_legit Feb 19, 10:40 PM

$mosy i just realised i missed it :( a few days back i called this out because it was setting up to spike on the reverse split but i missed it F***

1robstar Feb 20, 1:24 AM

cad is acting a bit soft and this oil thing is getting a bit tired too. falling could be the one thing most are not expecting

Jason_Raposo Feb 20, 6:35 AM

@scott thank you, there's always more plays approaching. I try to play the bounce after a split has to be just right.

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1BayHarborButcher Feb 20, 6:53 PM

Funny... I'm literally at barnes&noble getting it right now

Nonnenmann Feb 20, 7:50 PM

Just finished How i made 2M in the stock market, about to start Reminiscences of a stock operator :) but yes i keep halting the reading to get the studying in as well.

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JFVisuals Feb 20, 12:57 AM

Something about a holiday? :-)

MaverickRTG Feb 20, 6:00 AM

My bad, I write these so often that I don't even look at the title of it hahaha It's meant for tuesday.

TradeVerve Feb 20, 11:42 AM

Made my first trade on Friday, guessing long and guessing wrong on $PPHM. I'm now down $70, but I think I know at least a couple things I did wrong with it.

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