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1Jason_Raposo Jun 24, 9:15 PM

@scott Haven't seen to many younger traders on here. Balance your life accordingly, friends family , the money will come. Keep it up !!!

RobTheTob Jun 25, 12:18 AM

Fuck family and activities, money is life

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1caneter1 Jun 18, 4:35 PM

Brother, try to not blaspheme the Lord Jesus. Ok god bless you.

Jonk87 Jun 23, 2:27 AM

@caneter1 Sorry man I won't do this again. My intention was not to offend anyone.

marketingkev Jun 23, 3:49 AM

agreed with caneter and deanovino. Keep it to trading, Jonk. But perhaps that mentality of not thinking before you act is just one factor that has you in the hole almost 4k? Just sayin'. I digress.

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wannabestocktrader Jun 10, 4:20 AM

You're looking for a "stock screener". If you're just starting out, use finviz ( ). Just start looking at preset categories and find the area you're most interested in. Other sites have similar tools as well that you can look around at. Tim reccomends StocksToTrade, but it's a monhtly paid tool, so you might want to check it out later if it fits in your budget. Good luck!

Bryan3121 Jun 10, 8:39 AM

Agree, on etrade I use the screener and etrade has a place to find the days biggest gainers and losers. At the same time I still believe that I should watch certain stocks daily waiting for the right and in that situation I already know about the stock ahead of time.

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JohnnyIN Jun 10, 9:10 AM

If those separate orders are the same quantity, then it will only be counted as one day trade. Ex: Buy 100, then another 100, sell 200 = 1 round trip/1 day trade

MsMoneyHoney Jun 10, 3:31 PM

Personally, I am not even sure if I ever want another margin account. I had one... and lost a lot of money (on paper) due to the tech crash... and margin call. If people do get one to short, I do hope you watch your shorts. I read an article recently where some guy had to go to some meeting. ...

1MsMoneyHoney Jun 10, 3:33 PM

He went in knowing he had approx 30K in his account, but shorted a stock. He came out of that meeting with over 100K in debt that he now had due to covering the stock that zoomed while he was in his meeting. ...That was the gist anyway. So... if you're going to short stock, you really need to watch it. Otherwise, you may end up in a tent down by the river.

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Thadewman112 Jun 09, 5:49 PM

nevermind, figured out how to sync trades over to cool beans yo giggity giggity :/

Torkers Jun 09, 6:19 PM

this is really good - im thinking about doing the same as i have alot of big losses . will be nice to follow your journey! GL

TYMTT Jun 10, 10:17 AM

You're in techbud solutions aren't you? I think I saw this post in there the other day.

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