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Scott_PaperTrader_legit Feb 25, 18 1:26 PM

Nice that sure is exciting but be prepared for their to be losses, make sure to trade small at first and to cut losses quickly, make sure that this does not stop you studying and remember to track a spreadsheet with the setups you want to play and to track your trades and reasoning and see where to improve. Good Luck!!! It may take you awhile to become profitable even for Tim Grittani the huge success story it took him six months of being non-profitable. :)

olresistance Feb 25, 18 4:11 PM

Good luck, brotha! I remember that feeling exactly. To finally open an account and begin real trades is such an empowering feeling. You'll be just fine so long as you have studied hard and are prepared to continue to do so. Look forward to your trades.

bullbuster Feb 25, 18 11:07 PM

@Scott_PaperTrader_legit Thanks for the advice and the comment! Number one rule, cut losses quickly! I am very scared to lose money so I'm hoping that I can wait for the right set ups to get in and out at.

bullbuster Feb 25, 18 11:08 PM

@olresistance Thanks for the comment! I am super excited. Gonna wake up early, keep studying, and do lots of research. Hoping and praying for the best. Can't wait to get started though!

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Scott_PaperTrader_legit Feb 25, 18 1:13 AM

Good analysis and realisation, Easier to trade penny stocks where 90% are addicts and you've got great odds with the time and effort put in. Good luck.

Noble1222 Feb 25, 18 2:22 PM

i have only begun to study options by catching as many free youtube videos as possible. mostly tasty trade and options alpha. those sources generally say never buy options, only sell options to get the premium. and they also talk about covered calls on an equity you like and have it in your account. maybe check out those guideslines and it'll balance your risk.

darrellwayne13 Feb 25, 18 4:32 PM

The style of trading that you feel most confident with would be the best decision, especially if you're profitable: )

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Noble1222 Feb 25, 18 2:37 PM

i'm at 6 months too. also not anywhere i thought i would be. the one thing i need to do but really am hesitating is printing my trades from my broker and owning up to the losses. and also trying to identify the few trades that i did perform well and figure out if they were luck or is that my strong area. good luck to you.

Mrs_Wizefool Feb 26, 18 10:54 PM

@Noble1222 Data is key to determining if you've found your edge in all your flounderings at the beginning. I wish you luck with your deeper delvings and your continued journey.

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@RolandWolf We need a day in the life of roland wolf so we can see the 17 hours study days and how you study to see the right way to study.

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timothysykes Jan 04, 18 8:37 AM

Just watch all my DVDs/video lessons/webinars, why is that confusing? Do you want me to hold the toilet paper when you guys go to the bathroom too?

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