Skraft Jun 24, 17 10:46 PM

I should stick to morning panic dip buys, late day dip buys, and b/o that aren't as late as they are into the pattern as I traded on dcth. I'll take the win this time, and refine, refine, and refine more.

Skraft Jun 24, 17 10:53 PM

As much as I want to criticize the hype around it, I may have been buying into it more than I realized I was. I definitely had no plans to buy and hold until $1 lol. I was actually doing better on Tuesday catching all the breakouts I had just messed up on my trade for it that day and didn't want to trade it again to try and make up for my stupid loss.

wannabestocktrader Jun 26, 17 11:54 PM

I totally get you. :) We're all hear to learn and get better, and talking about things and looking back is the best way forward. I like to express what I see reading content, so I can get feedback on if maybe I need to change my perspective on certain things I've come to understand. Anyways, good luck, DCTH had another crazy day today!

Skraft Jun 27, 17 10:04 AM

It's all very helpful! I was pretty upset with myself today because I was expecting a decent morning panic on MARA which it did just that. I had to switch to graveyards yesterday and I've been awake since 530 am yesterday lol so I didn't react to it at all even though it dipped to where I wrote down in my notes. Oh well :p

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