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nick4078 Jun 08, 17 2:22 AM

Truly awesome, i understand what your feeling there Keep it up

Kingstonstock85 Jun 08, 17 4:05 PM

In my opinion $DRWI shot op way to high and was impossible to dip buy. So I thought, screw it, imma test my new strategy "the overnight hold". Nailed a one dollar dip EOD-ish and sold today at $1,30.

Skraft Jun 08, 17 5:37 PM

Drwi had a perfect dip but opportunity from 630-7 am yesterday. Dipped to key support levels, held the support then retested the day high. Almost a 20 cent per share profit from the dip I was looking for. I'm glad you nailed the overnight trade!

Kingstonstock85 Jun 09, 17 2:27 AM

I will tell you honestly.. I was shitting myself! It's quite scary, because there is nothing you can do. Ok, I can sell PM or AM, but when it drops, it drops.

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