[TimAlerts] MDGS could do a lot of things to get their price up, including a reverse split, so a listing requirement notice isn't necessarily a good thing, imo


[TimAlerts] MRNS is only fluff, only phase 2 data, noob trap, imp, plus markets are red today, only a short opportunity, imo

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JeremiahApple Jan 22, 17 2:43 PM

First, watch all the DVDs along with extensive research. Not making my first trade until I've read everyones loss and success story. Been at it 12-16 hours a day for past two weeks. Hang in there!

Snipa Jan 22, 17 3:25 PM

Thanks @TerrapinShorts and @JeremiahApple for the support. I should have paper traded at first, but things are turning around! Studying is the key to success!

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[TimAlerts] I'm really liking $APRI, 52 RSI, 50MA=1.51, 200MA=3.31, history of spiking, low float, large amount of shorts, potential January effect play

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