$SORL 6.30 now so I underestimated it again, but solid profits each time, congrats to all longs

SniperTrader94 May 16, 17 1:18 PM

Started shorting 100 shares of $SORL at 6.08. It looks like it's topping out and it has lower high after a shooting star. Hopefully it can crack 6 and fall from there. Been shorting HDP since yesterday now up $40 on a small 50 shares. Created my first watchlist day before yesterday and I'm I've learned it much better to create a watch list for yourself then to take picks off someone else. Thanks for all you help Tim your a legend

SniperTrader94 May 17, 17 9:07 PM

I love it when I'm right haha. It did turn into a small swing trade but I'm out $SORL at 5.77 for $31 gain. Got out a bit to early but I don't care because trading scared will save me eventually

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