Imagine being delighted by a nice $830 gain this morning making this your best month ever considering it's only the 8th. Then getting a phonecall to come into work and then being walked out for something you can hardly even believe is cause for termination........ Every level has it's challenges, and there is no lifetime membership to anything these days, this is the digital era and we pay dues monthly. In other words, never get too comfortable or complacent. As for me, they'll have to pry my mouse from my dead hands before I stop trading. Honestly I normally wouldn't write anything on here, but I want to remember this day and I want others to know about it as well. When I finally make it, this will show that it wasn't at all easy, and demons were at nearly every turn. #letsdothis

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Ssolax May 25, 18 4:40 PM

I understand, happen to me about 5 years ago

TimeFliesBuy May 25, 18 5:00 PM

I hope you came back strong. I'm not having much luck so far, this holiday isn't helping much since no one is hiring until afterwards.

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