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Rivas Nov 20, 9:58 PM

There is something that I didn't get though. As long as I know when you buy a stock the one day and want to sell the next day it does not count as a DAY TRADE so if you bought $BRTX on the 18th you easily could've sold it yesterday or today

StefanSchwarz13 Nov 22, 3:52 PM

@Rivas I sold part of it on the same day. Sure, I could have held it all, but I wasn't able to sell at just over $0.30 the next morning when I had planned to sell the rest.

LibertyBelle Nov 22, 11:56 PM

Blogging our mistakes helps a lot! It sucks to relive it while it still hurts, but later it is helpful to look back on it to reinforce the lesson. It helps others learn too. Good job documenting it. Be proud of that.

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