Received 2 Karmas
LibertyBelle Aug 15, 21 4:24 PM

I’m so sorry Stefan! It’s a great learning experience for you and for other traders tho, thank you for sharing! FYI it’s even more dangerous to short low priced stocks, so I wouldn’t start shorting there. I remember Tim saying that you can lose a lot very fast if it goes the wrong way.

TessaLamping Aug 15, 21 6:00 PM

what a great lesson! good experience tolerant from!

StefanSchwarz13 Aug 15, 21 11:31 PM

@LibertyBelle Thanks Liberty! Yes, a great learning experience. I'll have another post with my trade information once I get out of this stock tomorrow. I found tonight you can't trade pre-market on ToS starting at 4 am. It starts at 7 am. Hopefully the stock won't have enough volume to shoot up during the initial p/m hours.

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