2LucidWealth Oct 21, 15 4:50 PM

it could spike again because earnings winners can spike more than once or there could be a short squeeze. It has held its gains nicely so i dont see a panic tomorrow. Wait for price action if you want to short this pos but dont underestimate earnings winners and stupidity

2Palmer Oct 21, 15 4:53 PM

I agree with have to simply trade the stock, or any stock (trade not invest) per what the reaction is right now. What is it doing right now, not where HLX was when it was almost $50. IT would take A LOT to get this stock back to where it was. If you think it will, buy $500 worth and forget about it for a long time. Trade it now with 500 shares and make more in the next 10 minutes than you would in the next 10 months. It's all about the now...

1StitchTrade1 Oct 21, 15 5:14 PM

makes sense and thanks for the feedback. I think people will realize this picture is bad and dump the spike

Learnthings Oct 22, 15 12:52 AM

i agree with the above posts. the first thing that came to my mind was how Tim talks about the company not mattering...only what people think about the company. I apreciate your insights. I'm getting a lot of good info from following traders like you (high win %.) :]

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