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MBrandt Oct 22, 18 12:57 PM

You said today, 10/22/18, that you were down -40K$ a couple months ago. What did you do besides cutting loses quickly which you mentioned today, that turned it around for you? What did you have to change about your mind set? Thanks

StockPiln Oct 22, 18 1:00 PM

I stopped guessing and hoping the stock would turn. I had to tell myself "Its okay to lose a little" and stop being dumb. Do not blindly follow ANYONE into a stock. Don't set a "limit" on a buy or sale. Many times I would set limits too high and they would never get executed and I would lose even more trying to get out of it. Just do market orders!

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@mleaman17 I used to trade "solid" companies but getting more into the pennies now. I'm not very good with "brain to paper". Teachers used to think I was cheating in math because I never showed my work. Lol. I'll try and be a bit more detailed in future.

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Palmer Oct 27, 17 7:49 AM

Smart. You can save a lot of money (losses) by letting the market noise settle out during the first 15 or 30mins or so. Really need to critique the news as to why something might be moving pre-market, especially biotechs. So many spikes fail just when you go long at the open. Let the stock find its direction and look for the first dip/bull flag break and go from there.

Torkers Oct 27, 17 6:11 PM

this is really smart - dont know how many dollars ive lost on fakeouts - i will definitly try this out

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