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petwyt1218 Dec 14, 16 1:34 PM

It is very complicated but I think for good reason. There's so many great things you can do. Imo if ToS had more shares to short it would be the perfect broker

h0408365 Dec 14, 16 3:11 PM

It's the perfect broker imo. Amazing charts and tools at your disposal once you figure everything out. Just shitty on finding shares to short.

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AnonymousMAX Dec 12, 16 3:17 PM

Yea. News was not good enough to hold over weekend. Bad decision.

covenant127 Dec 12, 16 4:18 PM

i will probably never short overnight and always use small ass positions for long overnights. all the stories of blowing up accounts makes me cringe

Fox_Trader Dec 12, 16 5:27 PM

Im extremely picky when it's comes to holding a spot for a few days. I'm usually in and out within a day.

Stockaholic215 Dec 12, 16 5:34 PM

@SELFCONTROL how do you build your watchlist, this is my main problem right now , i look for top percentage gainers in my scan but after that i dont know what candles to look for

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Georgerai Dec 13, 16 6:51 AM

OK, so in terms of Break out technique I strongly suggest you read the grand father of the technique , Sam Weinstein, book called Stan Weinstein's Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets 1988 . Still as relevant today as is Tim Sykes. May new gurus rise. Amen .

Georgerai Dec 13, 16 6:52 AM

In terms of getting a video style education on market behaviour You could hardly do less wrong than watching Rainer Teo. Try You Tube. and maybe subscribe to his weekly videos. All Free. Excellent information. Very passionate about his trading.

Georgerai Dec 18, 16 5:03 AM

Try switching from Candles (I know they are popular and I've read Steve Nison) to Bar chart. YOu will better be able to see how this chart is so illiqquid. Try comparing this chart's bar behaviour to a heavily traded stock like FB.. Only to highlight the behavioural difference. Clues to untrade-ability is gappiness in bar to bar movement and very low money flow (average close times Volume)

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YawnAlot Dec 10, 16 12:29 AM

I learned from all the ones you mentioned, along with Cam at warriors trading, who also has free youtube content, along with steve nison for candlesticks. And lots of researching around where i see traders doing good i like to see a bit of how/why they do what they do.

Fox_Trader Dec 10, 16 1:40 PM

Did trading on my own for a few years with my downfalls, discovered Tim in 2015. Have been making progression since learning his strategy . Learned from Underground as well.

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