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YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:11 PM

Oh okay i think i get u, U havent learned to distinguish trends yet or how stocks trend. so first i reccomend so u can get familiar with what u should already know is google "bullish patterns" now u should get stocks with some trendlines already drawn for u, Drawing trendlines is just connecting the last peak with recent peak, highs with highs and lows with lows. Now when ur on finviz, ur mind will by itself try to put things into a pattern which will then allow u to make ur plan, which should b

YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:19 PM

based on the next ressistance/support level. So to help u with entries on that u might want to learn how reversal patterns/candlesticks look (google that too) and u should have a much clearer idea on what ur looking for. Another great way to get used to patterns is looking this up on google images, "Fous 4 patterns". There is Force, Survival, and Revival (and "Gold" but its almost like force pattern) The Force is a Breakout play on a bullish trend. Survival is a breakout from a channel after it

YawnAlot Nov 13, 16 1:23 PM

consolidates (also called churning) after the initaial breakout. Revival is bearish trend that consolidated nd is now breaking out from the channel. Hope that answers ur question abit, let me know if ur still a bit confused

TraderH Nov 14, 16 4:30 PM

The best thing is to buy one of Tim's DVD s(HTMM or Pennystocking Part Deux). HTMM is probably the best bang for your buck while Part Deux gives you the old basics. The DVDs will teach you the basics and how to use free tools online. StocksToTrade is just a tool Tim created which combines everything together but should be used after you know the basics from the DVDs. Also, get a part-time job to supplement your income. Learn while you earn and save up the money.

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