Received 4 Karmas
Deshackled Nov 15, 16 8:58 AM

I am a complete NOOB, (and will always be a noob cause learning is never done) but yes a thousand times about this post. I am on my 2nd round of watching these vidoes and they are actually more interesting the 2nd time around after about a month or so of paper trading. It's not a scam, you don't need to watch another video (you should though) Trader Checklist is a self-contained treasure trove of useful information.

Stockaholic215 Nov 15, 16 1:28 PM

@Deshackled i agree. I subscribe to a bunch of news letters but i decided i didnt want to learn that way . I wanted the ability to search these on my own. Now that i know what look for a have to learn about reading charts for example candles resistance etc...

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