@kroyrunner hi man! your profit is impressive!!! I just came across this site and would like to start trading. I know zero about trading. Where can i start learning on a budget??? Thanks for your advice!!

MaTes May 02, 17 8:16 AM

@AnneMarita Nice! That's great! I hope your knowledge will grow constitantly. I was doing Binary Options and FOREX, but I didn't felt comfortable. I found Tim 5 days ago. Watched all the homeroworks and 7 lessons in one day and going hard. I hope I become his challenge student.

AnneMarita May 02, 17 8:21 AM

Sounds great. Also, he has an 11-hour free video program. I did the same thing as you with the 7 lessons. Then I also watched the 11-hour Trader checklist. To me that was very useful information and a good way to start.

MaTes May 02, 17 9:26 AM

@AnneMarita So true, already got it watched twice. Day by day I feel like more "in the game" :) . Appreciate all your help Anne :) . I hope we make it high :)

AnneMarita May 02, 17 1:42 PM

Thank you Martin. I wish you all the best. Get "addicted". That's how you become a winner. Watch Tim's interview of Dux. Like he says; once you master it, you will always make money!

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