TSX10Bagger Jan 18, 16 11:56 AM

Not knowing the market was closed was my first guess this was promoted/pumped i like the subtle treat it like a pump and dump given by @osirustwits

darrellwayne13 Jan 18, 16 2:18 PM

This isn't a pump and dump. $APOL is a legimate company with 23,000 employees and a market cap of $828.24 million. This is more of a long term hold investment.

osirustwits Jan 18, 16 2:56 PM

Exactly @fastdounut if it is being promoted trade it like a pump and dump don't care about the fundamentals I am not investing I am trading the company means nothing the chart and catalyst are all I care for. @darrellwayne13 over time will learn to not marry them just trade them and move to the next.

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