-$1,979 loss ATEN Long Stock

Entry comments: Stock breaking to new highs on rumors of Seeking alpha article, similar chart to WATT so be careful if article hits and does nothing, should rise in anticipation though, beaten down hot technology stock, no real reisstance for 75-90 cents/share, low volume play though so don't chase it if it spikes too fast as other traders realize the potential

Exit comments: Unlucky, bad news JUST came out in SEC filing, explains selling, gotta cut losses will explain later...traders sharing this news: ATEN 10q discloses a received letter alleging CEO Chen at a previous company breached his fiduciary duty, misappropriated intellectual property, and diverted employees and investors from that entity to ATEN. http://1.usa.gov/1liTMCR

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Stone May 13, 14 4:37 PM

Tim, can you please specify in your live alerts if you are all out or partially in? In ATEN you bought, added and sold, but only sold the original quantity. This is confusing. Did you intend to sell the added shares also? Why isn't the added quantity included in the sold quantity?

shiggity May 13, 14 7:04 PM

he has down 14k, that's the entire quantity

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