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ephillips5 Sep 25, 11:09 AM

This is amazing; such a thorough and helpful watchlist! Thank you. Can you remind me of what it means to risk the red move? Still learning!

TessaLamping Sep 25, 11:38 PM

@ephillips5 do you mind elaborating on what you mean by red move? im happy to help the best I can!=)

ephillips5 Sep 26, 12:03 AM

Hey! I am just going to quote an excerpt from your watchlist as a reference to what I mean: "FGD: im mostly watching for spike, consolidation, spike or news in the am with bids stacking for potential morning spike or even the red to green move risking the red. (new theory im testing that I kind of like as I don't like anticipating the red to green unless I see the right momentum)."

ephillips5 Sep 26, 12:04 AM

Sorry that may not have been necessary lol. I was just wondering what you mean by "...or even the red to green move risking the red." I understand what a red to green move is but am a little confused on what risking the red means. Thank you so much for your willingness to help! :)

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