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ReyMolina Feb 28, 19 12:46 PM

Huddie bro, you do an awesome job breaking down the chart and your thought process, excellent video. Learning from you a lot, Thanks bro. keep them coming brother please.

BruceLeeroy Apr 07, 19 11:08 PM

really soaking up these vids bro. please make more, thanks.

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KenKwan May 23, 18 7:03 PM

Very nice trade! In terms of highest volume at breakout, that negating the fact that some volume bars at the open had even higher volume, right? Usually the morning bars have tremendous volume and breakouts later in the day have high volume spike (but not quite as high as some of the mornig bars).

Teyrex May 23, 18 7:06 PM

thank you. I will have to look back at my saved charts to take note of what the volume bars looked like in the morning in comparison to the HOD break volume bar. I mainly look to see if the volume spike is stronger as it pushes towards the HOD and at the HOD break.

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RichieRichW May 13, 19 8:19 PM

Jack, this lesson brought back some of the most painful memories I ever experienced trading stocks. I've been caught like that as well, but I just ended up becoming a bag holder for about 6 months. I was long the stock and it moved against me but I was full of "HOPE" that it would come back and I would get my money back. Well it never did come back and ended up going all the way down to the .oo5's then .004's and so on and so on. The thing is that I got into it at the .20's and it ran all the wa

Jackaroo May 13, 19 8:24 PM

@RichieRichW what a story... sorry to hear man. It really all comes down to cut losses quickly! Add to winners, NEVER losers, and never hold and hope.

jcash3485 Jul 21, 19 6:00 PM

Jackaroo I took a major lesson from this video. Thank you for sharing, this probably made you a 10x better trader then you were before, and to man up and recap it and make a video of it for others to learn from is class act!!!!! You already knew what to do and now I bet you will never forget it. Probably one of your greatest learning lessons that sharpened your skills even better for the future. Thanks again man!!!!

drog Sep 28, 19 6:13 PM

Thanks Jack for sharing

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Kody May 05, 18 8:54 AM

Silver version is great for the massive video library. The watchlist and the alerts are helpful to try and understand the reason behind Tim’s picks and alerts. If you have no desire to watch the video library it’s not worth it in my opinion

TimeFliesBuy May 06, 18 4:51 AM

To me, Silver is worth it in every way. I studied those video lessons like mad and watched every single one before my year was over. I wouldn't be profitable at this point without them.

Teyrex May 06, 18 12:35 PM

Very worth it.

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@k25de just became a fully transparent trader today!

AnneMarita May 01, 18 11:03 AM

I saw your question in the chat and just saw that you started yesterday. Good luck with your journey! The best way to start is to study carefully everything on the emails that you receive from the Challenge. One of the first "Must Watch" videos is Tim's Trader Check list. Here is the link:

Teyrex May 02, 18 7:18 PM

Anne is so wonderful, helping everyone in our community. Best of luck K25de!

AnneMarita May 03, 18 12:46 PM

Thank you Mike. That's very nice of you to say my Friend!

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Teyrex Apr 27, 18 1:32 AM

Your welcome

MBrandt Aug 27, 18 8:44 PM

Tried to respond to your comment by clicking your name but nothing happened. AMMA was starting to move, that's why I alerted it, but as soon as I did it started to tank! Oh well!

JeffBurnett Aug 28, 18 1:37 AM

I understand but your specific comment in Challenge was that AMMA is running. A stock isn’t running when it only moves a few cents. When alerting the Challenge room of a stock ‘running’ I recommend you wait for it to actually run (not just move) you give it time to run...if I hadn’t said anything then someone else would’ve. Thanks

MBrandt Aug 28, 18 7:27 AM

Yeah, running not the best choice of words. Thanks.

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Mike I enjoyed your interview with Tim B. thanks for sharing. Nice to see you're doing so well. Studying pays off!

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Angel_ Apr 16, 18 3:59 PM

@papajohn Thank you for your honest and humble analysis of your situation. Glad to be on this journey with people like you.

KenKwan Apr 19, 18 5:39 PM

Kudos to you. I probably would have quit seeing such a drawdown. Thanks for sharing your fighting mentality!

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Teyrex Nov 27, 17 6:24 PM

Thanks for sharing Nick, that sucks about your charts. I learned a lesson the hard way today too. I bought 200 shares of RIOT this morning at $20.77 on the dip out of the gate knowing to cut losses quickly I did so at $20.35 but DID NOT notice my sell order was for only half my actual position until I bought the perfect bounce at $17 but my account told me my avg was $19.44! I did the best I could out of a SHITTY situation selling at the top of the first bounce losing a few hundred $.

asfricksrs Nov 27, 17 7:27 PM

Thank you for the vid and sharing the news. I read during chat between you and Michael and could not figure out what you were talking about...this certainly solved that mystery. A good heads up for us all as we learn together on this journey. Thank you.

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Teyrex Nov 26, 17 6:09 PM

Nice to meet you Nick, LOL I just shaved off my movember mustache because it was getting to darn itchy. However I will still be donating money to a close friend of mine in support of men's health. Nice to meet you and see you in chat.

Nicky_18 Nov 26, 17 11:10 PM

lol nice Mike i feel ya on the mustache! thats great about your donation, Nice to meet you as well and lets do this!

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Teyrex Nov 14, 17 6:53 PM

lol I like your day end notes. $MOSY bit me in the ass when I bought late in the day looking for a possible uptrend / end of day squeeze but instead the floor fell out of my support at $1.60 taking a decent loss. Good luck trading tomorrow. how long have you been a student for now?

andreffael Nov 15, 17 3:35 AM

@Teyrex see what I said in my WL today, it was an uptrending triangle but coudnt break risistance at 1.85 like 5 times, that eas time to sell, so it was bound to crash, buying the dip on the inevitable crash would have been a nice play tho, good luck! And to answer yout question, watching free shit since may, being a pennystocking student from like a month ago

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Torkers Nov 14, 17 3:47 PM

im struggling with the same unfortunatly - a litte to much FOMO - but getting better

Teyrex Nov 14, 17 7:01 PM

I think we all struggle with FOMO Torkers but Bob is correct waiting for the play to come to you IE: buying at the perfect support level will save you big time! My biggest struggle is buying late day plays, they seem to be not for me right now. For example I secured a nice 500+ profits from a few great trades this morning and it was all wiped out but 1 trade on Mosy today. I will post that loss along with a chart outlining what I missed as indicators to have sold instead of held and waited fo

Turbobob Nov 14, 17 9:37 PM

Patience is the key, for sure. No chasing

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