@PaulDelgado hi paul i have been noticing your tickers in chat and had found them very helpful while watching them move during market. my question is what do you use for your scans and do you mind me asking what are your variables for your scans for after market and premarket. thanks any help would be appreciated

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xtradepicks Nov 01, 17 12:17 PM

Paul, I noticed you mentioned in the chat that this is the scanner you used to spot LBIX, but at the run up it had not set new highs yet. Am I missing something?

Serge_ Dec 23, 17 5:46 PM

Paul, what do you use for scanning? STT?

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$MNKD Was a huge gain for me today! I was in at 1.16 and out at 1.72 for $560 profit.

Teyrex May 11, 17 10:30 AM

Nice job BigTim, Ii was also in this stock at 1.14 but freaked out when it dipped the same day and sold with a small loss. I really wish I held but there will always be another.

F12B May 11, 17 11:45 AM

@Teyrex I know, those small dips scare me too. It's always better to be safe with our money than sorry.

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RolandWolf Apr 07, 17 6:44 PM

@Torkers I don't really set out with a goal. I try my best to let my winners run, and generally will move my risk up when new levels of intraday support are formed. Locking in gains in chunks has been really helpful though.

Williamson Jul 21, 17 7:18 PM

I'm guilty as charged. Time to adjust, thanks!

ZachR Nov 29, 17 1:57 PM

This might be your "Single' most important blog post. JK they're all good!

Teyrex Apr 06, 18 9:17 PM

Roland you blog is a perfect reminder for me to also take singles as that is normally what I do. HOWEVER, today I traded LFIN and had a nice $3.50/share win and I was trying to let my runner run and BAM it was halted. had I taken my single I would have had a nice $400 win but now I have 2 grand on the line and could loss most of it now when LFIN unhalts from the T12.

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