moneybags97 Oct 17, 17 2:00 PM

@Juliaann_ it gapped up yesterday and finished at its highs with over 50 million shares traded and over 100 million shares traded today

Juliaann_ Oct 17, 17 3:11 PM

Thank you. Sorry if noob question lol

RockRobster Oct 17, 17 3:28 PM

One good indicator to look for, when shorting, is fading volume. TRXC did NOT have any fade in volume at all. It actually had an increase on day 2.

RockRobster Oct 18, 17 1:11 AM

@Juliaann The price action at the end of the day is often a good indicator for good Day 2. At the end of the day, on Day 1, TRXC was still slowly climbing up until the close. A stock that ends the day like this CAN (not always) be a good overnight hold and you can avoid using a day trade.

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