So, there's been a lot of issues with when verifying trades. Everytime I recorded it ended up recording the same trade multiple times. This caused huge swings in my PnL chart. At one point the chart showed I made +$100k. I contacted profitly support multiple times, but they haven't done anything about it. So, for my own records, I decided to cancel ALL my trades and just input around 3 months ago (that's as far as the software would let me). In reality, as of this date I'm up +$60k so far, and hoping this market continues to be crazy.

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asfricksrs Sep 23, 18 10:21 PM

Thank you for sharing your experience. I will remember all of them to avoid that as Tim says ''don't get cocky'' ''go for singles'' ''cut it early'' and the hundreds of others that echo in my head. Do we ever really ''get it?'' Thanks again..

ThePennySqueeze Sep 27, 18 10:19 PM

Great post man, couldn't have said it better myself. Exactly what I went through for awhile. So long as you stay in the game though you're on track. Thanks for sharing man and hope to see you in the chatroom more often.

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Saw my local library was having a book sale. Checked out the finance section and saw 4 books I've had my eye on. Each for $2! Just like stock trading you gotta know when to buy!

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Happycamper Sep 18, 18 4:18 PM

That's great! I love library sales.

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michaelGscott Sep 03, 18 11:40 PM

Thanks! Yes usually don't go that much away from where it's bottoming. But in plays that have great range to bounce and are super liquid, I don't mind paying a little bit higher when I know the turn has for sure happened.

AshWild Feb 18, 19 7:04 PM

Thank you Sir for your videos. I appreciate the help. I suck at trading. I couldn't get the sound on this video. Not sure if it is something wrong on my end or if something else is wrong. I check later in the week. Be well.

Peachtart Feb 22, 19 2:36 AM

Thanks for posting. Is there supposed to be sound? Will have to watch this one again and see if I can do a better job of following along without sound.

michaelGscott Feb 22, 19 3:26 PM

There's no sound lol. Just a video of a good level two turn to watch over until you can see where the entry should be

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Officially finished ALL of Grittani's webinars (with solid notes). Excellent source for understanding the short side. Now onto finishing all of Croock's--have 1/3 left!

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