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bank_a_tronic Aug 12, 15 9:06 PM

UBERWOW! Jonas, this was a supercool compilation! You and everyone look fantastic, & talk about elegant taste :)) We will definitely meet up one day- can't wait to meet you and your lady ;) Keep knocking the balls out of the park, SwedishSniper ;)) respectful sister kiss to you ;)

The_Swede Aug 13, 15 10:48 AM

Thank you every one and yes .. it was definetly one of the key moments in my life .. To get to meet tim and ask him anything and to se how he works is one of the things all traders need to see and i know we all loked att what he did to se how he operates it all .. @timothysykes well it should be us thanking for you to take the time on your vacation to meet us and do the things you did.... any day any time you and bianco want to go to Sweden i will for sure take the time to show you around.. i ow

The_Swede Aug 13, 15 10:48 AM

i owe that to you ......

xkmarket1 Oct 18, 15 5:39 PM

That is so awesome!!!!!! Congrats and keep up the good work! I start a new job tomorrow so happy to say you will be seeing me back on my feet here a lot more soon!

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