Nathan_casey Mar 23, 17 2:03 PM

Yeah I get what you mean. But recently this play has surfaces so I guess people are adapting.

A_Kind_of_Magic Mar 23, 17 2:41 PM

Gap and Go is a pretty risky strategy all around. It could literally go either way which is why you see conflicting positions from the pro's. I actually missed HGTM morning spike, but recognized the far more stable cup and handle setup that formed after the initial fade and bought as soon as it broke out above the cup. Made a tidy $850 profit off of 2 separate plays on this stock today. I've been burned too many times on Gap and Go to feel comfortable continuing to try it.

TickerJesus Mar 23, 17 2:47 PM

Yeah the cup and handle or u shape bo would of been the play when it broke the open price. Buy in and sell into that spike.

IceMan14 Mar 23, 17 3:39 PM

It is very unclear sometimes I agree. If price action seems like a gray area, look at multiple timeframes, its history of holding up, the market cap compared to how much f a range it has moved in to look for clues of overextension, or rapid panic without news. These other indicators help you make a decision. I'm not paid to say this his guides, trader checklist and penny stocking series.

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