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Total from 1/1/13 to 1/16/13 is

Entry comments: Bought this recent earnings winner on a dip near technical support, my goal is sell into a spike in the low or even mid 3s in a couple of days or weeks, longer term play

Exit comments: This is no AVTC, its not bouncing at all, getting out for puny gains, gotta focus on finding true breakouts, not this small stuff

Posted: Jan 11, 13 12:36 PM/$

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Entry comments: Wanted 5k, only got 200 LOL...Bought the multi-week/intraday breakout, last time it spiked 1.5 to 5, its consolidated well, if they keep issuing PRs and longterm shorts keep getting squeezed, my goal is to sell at 6ish...executions are slow on this one so any short squeeze could be VERY brutal, ideally tomorrow morning :)

Exit comments: No morning gap or spike so I play it safe and get out...there were some big buyers in the 5.60s which woulda been a slight profit for me, but my sells didn't execute...welcome to promoters playing games

Posted: Jan 14, 13 3:34 PM/$

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Entry comments: New 3D play I found on message boards, CEO talking at conference tomorrow morning, hoping he'll mention it...they also just reaffirmed guidance today...ONVO, CIMT and PRCP keep running so maybe this is the next one, speculative but low risk given I'm buying on the dip and they reaffirmed guidance today, not sure if I'll hold all til tomorrow, but should run in anticipation of CEO speech

Exit comments: Not going anywhere fast, no thank you, potential rebuy, but it's just not as volatile as PRCP/CIMT so I'm out, looking for the next 3d play!

Posted: Jan 14, 13 1:02 PM/$

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Entry comments: Another 3d printing play, they make software, discovered in chatroom, not sure if Superman even knows about this one, but the chart is solid and could breakout nicely

Exit comments: Sold the rest, I have to leave for flight to New Orleans now, speaking at Tulane this weekend, it'll probly keep going, but I'm nearly $9k today so that's a good day and I just like locking it in

Posted: Jan 10, 13 11:14 AM/$

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Entry comments: Bought Superman's pick from earlier today, new 3d printing play, remember how well ONVO did, this is a lesser known play, just launching new product in this space, great risk/reward as Superman will likely tweet and ideally someone writes Seeking Alpha article, goal is to sell for $1-2/share profit, downside of just 50 cents/share or so

Exit comments: Got a bit of a gap up/morning spike, but big sellers now 7.30-7.50ish prevent any truly impressive gains, taking safe profits

Posted: Jan 09, 13 3:35 PM/ 1/$

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Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner, just $37 mil marketcap, also a 10-year breakout cup & handle, not as liquid as I like but it should spike 50 cents-$1/share the next few days, remember TAYD similar price action a few months back, not much downside given the stellar news, low PE...hopefully Superman buys it too, it's his kind of play and he can spike it far more

Exit comments: No morning gap or spike, cut losses quickly, gotta stay disciplined, didn't lose much since I took some profits yesterday when it wasn't acting exactly perfect

Posted: Jan 07, 13 2:43 PM/$

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Entry comments: Sepculative dip buy, this stock is waaaay over-extended, but now has dropped too quickly, too, aiming for 50-75 cent/share bounce

Exit comments: Got the bounce up to 17.90, but didn't sell into that because it was too quick, now bounce failing so no thank you

Posted: Jan 07, 13 11:49 AM/$

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Decent 9% gain in a month, also made $6k+ excited for $USB deal, pool trade:

Posted: Jan 04, 13 3:35 PM

Entry comments: Bought a big chunk as this is my top January Effect play as detailed in my watch lists...solid technical support in the low 3s, this can spike quickly, big mobile product launch coming in "early 2013" with $60 billion US Bank, goal is to sell into a spike at $4ish, also long in my longterm account

Exit comments: Niiiice big win for the first trade of the month, holding for a few days, still holding my longterm position, didn't get as big of a spike as I wanted, but I'll take 10% or just under $7,000 trading from the Bahamas any day of the week!

Posted: Jan 02, 13 10:47 AM/$

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