Turbobob Jan 14, 18 11:30 AM

Yes, they are always chancing banks to find who will give them the best leverage.

Turbobob Jan 14, 18 11:31 AM

Foolw me on twitter as well @turbobob129 as I post lots of market commentary there as well.

Tole Jan 15, 18 11:37 AM

ST have recently changed their wire instructions, i emailed them directly to ask and the ones via email were different to the ones in IBoss. I transferred about 1K into their UK account a few weeks ago and the money arrived fine. One issue you i had is they do not contact you to let you know the money is in there and they dont tell you that it is IBoss you have to check. The money wont show up in your account management login from the website as i expected at first.

Tole Jan 15, 18 11:38 AM

their helpdesk have always responded to me within an hour also, so they are really quite good for customer service from what i can tell, even if some of their automated stuff isnt as described

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