TradeSmall Jan 12, 18 10:40 PM

Great analysis of your own trades. Just a quick comment on #4. Would you have been able to see this stock on your scanner the prior day? And would you have known it would spike?

SithLord Jan 12, 18 11:22 PM

Yes. I did scanned the day before and had a feeling it still had room to run. 52 week chart looked great. Very bullish. I'm just a rookie and learning the fundamentals. Knowing when to buy is important. If you can't get a good entry, then it's hard to make any money.

TradeSmall Jan 13, 18 8:05 AM

I see. I totally agree. Good entry also means lower risk level

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ZarahnTrades Jan 04, 18 11:32 AM

@williammorris16 Yeah, thank you. I guess it does really come down to being a new trader. 1. my confidence isnt great 2. Im not properly planning before trades. Thank you for the help.

jsiv95 Jan 04, 18 1:19 PM

I miss dozen of them a day. You can’t trade them all and you need accept the idea your eyes can’t be everywhere. If you miss trades on stocks you are watching closely then its another problem : you might have the fear to pull the trigger when things are setting up. That means you’re most likely not prepared enough. Prepare your trades more. If the things you’re looking for are lining up, you shouldn’t be hestitating. Try visualization. Be in the trade even before it actually happens. Good luck

jsiv95 Jan 04, 18 1:26 PM

don't focus on what you've missed. that'll destroy you. focus on opportunities.

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Nighthawk6058 Dec 28, 17 5:24 PM

Very helpful information and reminder to always have a plan in place before the trade. Love the examples as well

YawnAlot Jan 05, 18 3:11 AM

Good stuff man, i like the having a plan before you enter a trade, most importantly is having a stop loss and knowing how much ur risking at that stop. So thats one of the first things i do. Draw out support/res. And find the percent diff between my entry and my stop. Then i choose how much money im willing to lose at that stop. So the equation is "Risk '$' diveded by risk percent. That will give you how much money you can enter that trade with to lose that amount at that percent.

TradeSmall Jan 05, 18 7:41 AM

Thank you for your tip. I agree 100%. Once risk is figured out along with the support level, it's very easy to get out of a trade without having to think too much

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